∞ microwave cooking for one

suicidally depressing? ready to call it a lifetime? enjoy! 


∞ another reason to live

sure spring is here in gothamtown and there is that whole ‘I’m coming out of my seasonal affective disorder’ reason to live, but today TONY announced their eatoutawards for 2010, which means those of us who are food obsessed have yet ANOTHER reason to live! woo hoo!


Winner! Winner! See’s candy wins the easter bunny race. I knew all of that See’s candy chocolate gobbling spent in childhood was for not. Cheers to Serious Eats who had to do the heavy lifting of all that chocolate. Second up was Lindt. Runners up Frango, Fran’s Chocolates and more check it.

Dude. Just when I commit to my spring diet, you know the one where you swear to undo all of the winter damage done? The diet that will fit you back into all of your jeans AND prep you for a hot summer wardrobe? Yep. that one. Well just when I am making strides B&Js has to announce their new flavors… boston cream pie? peanut brittle? maple blondie? sigh. I am toast.

Thanks Serious Eats for the alert. My 10,000 fat cells thank you as well.

∞ Great cooking classes at Whole Foods Bowery

Check out the culinary program upstairs @ Whole Foods on Bowery. Just took a baking class there which was amazing! Sarah Copeland, a most charming and informative teacher, taught us hands on dough making skills. Or rather, displayed her rather impressive ability to transform flours, butters, oils and sugar/salt into gorgeous flat breads, pie crusts, etc. It was truly a sight to behold, particularly when I tried my hand at the pie crust and ended up with a hot, melty mess. Rare for me to fall that flat, I have made pie dough and other doughs that need to be rolled out before. For some reason I was a hot, melty mess much like my pie dough. So I’ll state that my problems pretty much point to the fact that Sarah was a rockstar. A baking-yummy-things rockstar.

We started making the aforementioned pie dough first. Not my fav. In fact I realized through this experience that i’m not a huge fan of that flaky dough. Croissant dough, hell yeah. Pizza dough, duh. General bready dough, absolutely. But flaky pie dough, maybe not so much.The advantage was stuffing it with ground lamb and mashed potato or plum preserves. Now that was fun.

Next up was my favorite, the whole wheat flat bread. A blend of flours with olive oil, sugar, yeast and salt. Simple. Elegant. Rustic. Homey. And bloody amazing. It was a brilliant dough to make, very easy. But the real delight was that first bite. She served it with ricotta, pea shoots (meh), red pepper flakes, sea salt and olive oil drizzled atop. I still crave it. I am thankful that I have that dough in my freezer waiting for me to pull out, let rise and bake.

And the final final was the sourdough pizza. An amazingly wet dough. And seemed like you can rip it easily. But produced something that was quite ethereal. crispy. delighful.

The class was a supreme value given the fact that you pay to learn how to make these things and then get to eat them. And if you are lucky, you may even have something to take home (in my case it was my flat bread dough and a 90 y.o. sourdough starter from wisconsin named bernie).

If only I had taken pictures.


pulinos just keeps getting better and better. the marriage of McNally and Appleman  was like Balthazar and A16 having a baby. A baby that makes delicious food. and now that baby has doors that open onto the sidewalk. check it… allowing for inside al fresco dining which just so happens to be some of my favorite (second only to eating at the bar). spring cannot come soon enough. thanks eater NY for the pic!

ALERT: Top Chef tour bus is coming! Sweet jesus i think i want to take a hiatus from my day gig and become a roadie for them. think about it… food… road trip… food…

chiquita gets a well-deserved face-lift. this is freeking brilliant. simple. fun. fabulous. thanks to designrelated for the article. check out eatachiquita.com to design your own.

∞ The 38 Essential NY Restaurants

mad props to Eater NY for this most awesome list (as well as giving me a reason to live this year).

chocolate covered peeps!!!!!!!!!!! just when i was at the apex of my loathing of the perfunctory holiday candies, the kids from peeps come along and rock my world. i haven’t tried them yet. but be sure they will find their way to my purse and then my gullet post haste. thanks to serious eats for raising awareness and bringing a lil easter spirit back to my life.


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